Whiskers Operates on a Per Day Booking System
Day of arrival, day of departure and all days booked are charged for.

Check In & Check Out
You may drop off and pick up your kitty any time between 10 AM and 2 PM, Monday through Saturday.

Closed Sundays & Holidays

Whiskers cares for kitties Sundays and Holidays, but clients may not check-in or check-out on these days.

Peak Season & Rates


An additional $5 per suite, per day during Peak Season.

June 1 - September 8

November 20 - 28

December 20 - January 2


Our Suites


Whiskers has walk in suites that are spacious and furnished with:

Cat Tree

Soft Bed

Cozy Blankets

Sunny Windows

Aviaries of Doves & Finches

Gerbils in a large Aquarium

Wild Bird Feeders in Every Window

Kitty Television

Climbing Shelves, Ramps & Stairs

Sky Box 7 feet high

Wide Window Shelves

Kitty Exercise Wheels

Scratching Posts

Litter Box

Stainless Steel Bowls

New Toy for Every Stay


Soothing music plays quietly inside the hotel during the day.  


Cats are fed two to three times a day, and are petted and played with throughout the day. 


Small Suite
Private walk-in suite - $30 a day.

Medium Suite
Private walk-in suite - $35 a day.


Medium Suite with Window
Private walk-in suite - $37 a day.

Large Suite with Window
Private walk-in suite - $40 a day.

Extra-Large Suite
Private walk-in suite - $40 a day.


Extra-Large Suite with Window

Private walk-in suite - $45 a day.

Jungle Gym Suite with Window
Private walk in room - $55 a day.

Playroom Suite with Window
Private full sized room - $75 a day.

Additional cats may share a suite for $15 a day each.

We offer a variety of fun choices to make your kitty's stay extra special.


Catnip Mice - $2
Wheat Grass - $5
Pureed Chicken Snack - $3

Email Photo Update

With 3 photos - $5

Kitty Gram Slide Show

Fun update with 10 photos - $15
Includes music and text in a creative format.

Spa Treatment

15 minute Massage - $10

15 minute Brush Out - $10

Exercise Session

15 minute Playtime - $10

This may include any or all of the following:

Get the feather wand or teaser

Chase a laser light

Fetch the ball, mouse, or other favorite throw toy


Feeding Options at Whiskers
We happily provide the highest quality canned and dry for $2 a day.

We also offer both frozen and freeze dried raw food for $4 a day.

These fees include up to three daily feedings.

You may even choose your kitty's favorite canned foods from our great selection.

Otherwise, you may bring your own food at no additional cost.

We have a refrigerator and freezer for raw fed kitties.


Vaccination Requirements


Cats need to have a current Rabies vaccination (or vet release from it)

and must have received an FVRCP vaccination within the last three years (or vet release from it).  


Kitties do not need vaccinations on a yearly basis - every three years is sufficient.  


The FVRCP vaccine helps protect against the following:


Feline viral rhinotracheitis (FVR)
An upper respiratory infection in cats, also known as feline influenza, and caused by the feline herpesvirus 1 (FHV-1). 

Feline calicivirus (FCV)

Another common viral cause of respiratory infection in cats.

Feline panleukopenia virus (FPV)

More commonly known as feline distemper, and caused by the feline parvovirus.



We need a copy of your cat's latest vaccination certificate for our files.

Please bring a copy when you check in or upload your record when registering online.

Please Note
If you have an elderly cat, we do not require updated vaccinations.

We will need to see vet records showing the cat was vaccinated through ten to twelve years of age.

In addition, the cat must appear healthy, particularly with no signs of upper respiratory illness.


Medication Information


There is a $5 administration fee for each medication prescribed by a veterinary doctor;

i.e., pills, gels, trans-dermal gels, suspensions, etc.   This fee is per administration.


There is no charge for medications that may be mixed in the food.


There is a $10 administration fee for each injection.


Subcutaneous Fluids
There is a $25 administration fee for subcutaneous fluids administration. This fee is per administration.


Medications are administered from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm only. 


Medications will be provided by the cat owner in the original container, labeled with veterinary information and directions. ​


Please Note
Cats on life threatening medications (those that can't be skipped) must check in for a short temperament test prior to boarding.

For kitty’s protection, we must be confident that we can safely give medication.
You must remain in town for the trial-stay, and be available to pick up kitty.  

If kitty is on a complicated medication schedule that is life-sustaining, or your kitty is known to become upset in an unfamiliar place, please board at your vet – it is far safer for kitty to be under their care. We are not vets.


Whiskers Holidays

Come rain or shine, 365 days a year, we always have staff here caring for our kitty guests.
However, during select holidays we give our staff well-deserved time off to be with their families.
Therefore Whiskers is closed for the following holidays:

New Year’s Day

Good Friday

Independence Day


The Day After Thanksgiving

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

The Day After Christmas

We are not open for drop off or pick up on these days.