We Offer Long Term Boarding

Truly unlike any other!

Exceptionally large rooms, big sunny windows, and all of the amenities listed below.

We offer pick up from the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport for long-term cats flying in.  

Long term boarders receive a 10% discount on their stay.

So What Is Long Term Boarding?


At Whiskers, we define long term boarding care as a stay that is a month or longer.  


We give a 10% discount to long term boarders.

But at Whiskers it goes beyond boarding .

Anyone can put cats in a cage, hang out a sign, go about their business as usual and call it cat boarding.
Fortunately, that's not us.


We offer a CAGE-FREE cat boarding facility.
Our feline guests have their very own private walk in rooms.
We understand a cat's need for exercise, particularly when boarding long term.


Each room is eight to ten feet tall.
With a cat tree. 
Climbing shelves and ramps.
A scratching post.
Even a kitty sky-box high above the door.  

Think of it as a second story patio just for your kitty!  

We provide soft blankets and bedding.
We are also happy to have our guests bring their own kitty beds, blankets and toys if they prefer.  

Many of our rooms also offer large sunny windows with bird feeders just inches away.

Our kitty hotel is a Dog-Free Zone!  

The only sounds are soothing spa music, the cooing of our aviary doves, and cheerful songs from our canaries.  

Whiskers is peaceful, soothing, and welcoming to cats of every personality.

Guests have a large variety of choices in room size - to meet the needs of your kitty.

Kitties also need cleanliness, and we pride ourselves on how clean we keep each room.

We check in on kitties many times through out the day.

Blankets and bedding are kept freshly laundered.

Litter boxes dumped and scrubbed every morning, and scooped as needed.

Only the highest quality canned and dry food is what we offer here.

In addition, kitties are offered freeze dried, pure meat treats each day.  

Entertainment is especially important for our long term kitty guests.  

We have wild bird feeders just inches outside of every window.

We have a large 55 gallon aquarium filled with silly gerbils.

We even have two aviaries with doves, canaries and colorful finches.  


In addition, each guest is offered a brand new catnip mouse to play with - and take home.

Finally, each of our kitty guests receives love, attention, cuddles, brush outs, and playtime.


We are here for you and your kitty.  

Whiskers Boarding Hotel
5411 Williams Drive

Georgetown, TX 78633


Tel: (512) 863-2607
Email: info@catsonlyboarding.com

Reception Hours

Mon - Sat: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Sunday: Closed to Humans

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