Owners - Jennifer & Twyla

Owner Jennifer Miller is a retired language arts teacher, having taught middle school for 22 years.  She was awarded "Teacher of the Year" in the Pflugerville School District.  Jennifer owns the award winning Katznjamr Bengal Cattery and produced the number one spotted Bengal in the World, International Winning Supreme Grand Champion Katznjamr's Inkosi.  She's been involved in Bengal cat rescue for over two decades.


Owner Twyla Miller is married to Jennifer's son, Anthony. They just had their first child, Cora, and she is such a blessing and delight! Twyla is a graduate from the University of Texas and spent eight years as a successful insurance adjuster. Her business sense, strong work ethic, and background, paired with her love of animals, makes her the perfect partner. Twyla is also a strong advocate of cat rescue, too, and currently has three rescues of her own.

Both Twyla and Jennifer actively support, sponsor, and donate to local Georgetown and Austin animal shelters.  They also foster abandoned cats and kittens and find them loving homes.

Whisker's Philosophy

At Whiskers we believe in going the extra mile to ensure that your feline companions receive the very best care available. That starts with our Cage-free accommodations. We've heard all of the rationalizations about why it's okay to board cats in cages or cat condos, which are really just multi-level cages, and we simply don't agree!


Some say:  Cats like small spaces.  Cats just want to go off to a corner and be left alone.  Nonsense!


Cats need room to be happy and cats don't like change - it's stressful. Cages, even cat condos, don't give cats enough room, and they surely represent a stressful change from what they're used to at home.


Some cats like small spaces some time, but the truth is cats like room. It's the cat who's afraid that seeks a small, dark hiding place. Cats shouldn't be afraid while being boarded, but if kept in a cage stacked along side other cats who are strangers to them, they often are. In this situation, they will likely find the smallest, darkest hiding place - but that doesn't mean that they like it!


Cats are curious and need an environment that is stimulating. They need room to play, vertical space to jump, interesting sights, and a choice of movement to stem boredom. And, if your cat is anything like ours, they need attention. We're not talking about a chin scratch from a finger poked through a cage. We mean time spent in their suite, letting the cat jump on up for petting, a game of chase, a treat, or a nice brush out.


So, we offer you a one of a kind boarding experience for felines - one that meets their needs in every way.

An experience that gives you peace of mind.  Finally.