Treat your cat to a taste of the wild with Sojos NaturalCat Raw Freeze-Dried Cat Treats.

Gently freeze-dried to preserve natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals, Sojos NaturalCat Raw Treats provide your furry friend with a nutritious snack. Each delicious treat is a great source of protein, made with 100% raw, freeze-dried, USDA-certified meat.


Sojos NaturalCat Treats are single ingredient, making them the perfect allergy-friendly and grain-free snack. Show your kitty some love with these wholesome treats, which contain no artificial flavors, preservatives, colors or fillers.


Sojos NaturalCat Raw Freeze-Dried Cat Treats

  • High-quality, USDA-certified meat
  • Grain-free, allergy friendly, single ingredient treats
  • Gently freeze-dried to preserve nutrients and flavor
  • Ideal for training, snacking or as a food topper
  • No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives


Reward your furry friend with Sojos NaturalCat Raw Freeze-Dried Cat Treats.


Wild Caught Salmon
Satisfy your cat's wild side with the meaty goodness of 100% raw, freeze-dried salmon. Made with high quality meat, the fish is USDA-certified and gently frozen to preserve nutrients and flavor. High in protein and essential fatty acids, these treats will provide your kitty with the nourishment he needs.

Sojos NaturalCat Raw Freeze-Dried Cat Treats - Salmon - 1-oz


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